Chi Siamo
Storia della Aziende
I vari fasi della crescita dell'azienda

Agosto 2013
Inizio di Bridgeway
Bridgeway Consult è stato fondato in 2013 a Reggio Emilia.
l’iniziativa era realizato e la costruzione
dei ponti tra parti individuali e aziende
Gennaio 2014
Sviluppando un franchigia
L’idea di sviluppare una rete di franchigia per assistenza ai immigrati era stabilito
August 2014
New idea and services launched!
Services were expatiated to rended nothing but the best to our
clients. Being it individual or corporate body we provide absolute
professionalism and end products with quality values
Key Company
A single user interface, meeting different needs of individuals and companies, makes us a reference point in the service sector.
Quality Delivery
Thanks to a solid team of consultants who work with great professionalism and expertise to the goal to ensure success of its customers.
Per our name “bridge ways”, we provide solutions for businesses and persons who require the services we offer.
100% Priority
With our consultants with in-depth experience in at both ends, makes us the prime company to work with.
Projects delivered
Happy clients
Professional Staff
Experienced team
Professional and skilled team of Bridgeway Consult
Chi Siamo
Yeboah Eric
Chi Siamo
Twumasi Eric
Chi Siamo
Chi Siamo
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More Info
What we strive to achieve is nothing but excellency
Who we are
Exquisite Consultants who work with great professionalism and expertise to a single mission, build on the success of its clients.
Our philosophy
Per name, “bridge ways”, for both firms and persons, we assiduousl work to connect parties with a virtual bridge.
strategy & mission
It debut the most simple, innovative and forward-thinking idea: give a competent and serious response to immigration world.