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Here below are some services we offer
Immigration Services
We are specialized in corporate immigration and citizenship law, visas, permanent residency and attaining European citizenship.
Travel & Transport
Concrete relationships with top hotels and airlines, to give you added values and great service to help save time and money.
IT Services
Providing you with the best services on all regarding the IT world with a highly professional team.
Bridgeway  shop services comes with an online whole store for conveniency marketting on the products we sell.
Projects delivered
Happy clients
Professional Staff
simple steps . quick results
Our determination is to provide nothing but the best
We Plan.
We Develop.
We Deliver .
Immigration Services 95%
Tickets and Travel 90%
IT Services 95%
Translation and Legalisation 95%
Every customer is importany to us!

Our Experienced team give their best to make clients happy!

The idea of developing a franchise network for assistance to immigrants was born in January 2014. Its debut the most simple, the most innovative idea: giving a competent and serious response to the immigration world. Per our name, as “bridge ways”,  we provide solutions for businesses and persons on services we offer. We assiduously work to connect together with virtual bridge. With our consultants with in-depth experience in at both ends, making us the prime company to work with.

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